(not currently in production -- 2016)

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  • Effective length: 263 mm (10.35”)
  • Pivot-spindle distance: 247.37 mm (Loefgren A geometry). Because the pivot is offset from the VTA tower, the Talea™ can be mounted in about the position of a 9” tonearm
  • Overhang: 15.66 mm. Effective length fine adjustment is realized with a cartridge plate on which the cartridge is mounted (Please see our page on cartridge alignment here)
  • Offset angle: 20.81 degrees.
  • Cartridge mount: 1/2”
  • Mounting distance (from spindle): 207.8-220.2 mm (8.3-8.7”). If you want to make sure that the Talea™ will fit on your turntable, you can download a mounting template here (click on tab “Talea™ Mounting Templates”).
  • Mounting on the plinth/armboard is done with 2 x 10-24 (or M4) screws (for metal armboards) or 4 x #8 wood screws (for wood armboards). No large central hole needs to be bored
  • Weight of the whole assembly: ca. 2.3 lbs (1.04 kg)
  • Bearing: Unipivot, Swiss-made non-corrosive, non-magnetic stainless steel pivot in a sapphire jewel. The center of mass of the tonearm is in the same plane as the bearing, thus ensuring an ideal dynamic balance, without the need for the outrigger weights commonly found on other unipivot systems
  • VTA: on the fly fine adjustment, with knob; each turn of the knob corresponds to 0.5 mm change in height, thanks to an extremely precise 50 TPI thread (finer than micrometer thread). Maximum range: 23 mm. The VTA tower is fastened to the inner column with a clamp mechanism, ensuring maximum mating and rigidity between the parts
  • Azimuth: adjustable on the fly. We discuss the question of azimuth setting here
  • Progressive anti-skating mechanism; can be disabled if desired
  • Counterweights: 130 g, 95 g, 60 g; with additional fine adjust weight to allow adjustment of VTF in small increments (typically +/- 0.1 g). The Talea™ is a medium mass tonearm, and the combination of counterweights provided with it allows use of most cartridges currently available. The Talea™ has been successfully tested with cartridges from 5 to 15 grams, with compliance from 8 to 20 µm/Mn
  • Phono cable uninterrupted from cartridge clips to termination connectors, except at the junction internal wires-interconnect cable
  • (available in unbalanced and balanced configuration); see below
  • Jig to set the pivot-to-spindle distance provided; no need for a ruler, the jig places the tonearm exactly in the right position
  • Arc protractor included

Like the Telos™, the Talea™ is a medium-mass tonearm that can be used with most modern cartridges on the market.


To ensure excellent protection and durability, the main metal parts are black
nickel plated.


The Talea™ is supplied with one of the following two options:

1. A cable junction box, with a DIN connector. Use this option if you have a favorite DIN-RCA (or DIN-XLR) cable

2. A high quality Discovery Plus 4 phono cable (four conductors, twin shields and locking phono plugs); length: four feet. All Discovery cables utilize a patented reverse lay stranding technique; this proprietary method of stranding eliminates EMI within each conductor. The cable is made up of high purity oxygen-free copper and PFA Teflon (the highest grade on the market) dielectric. Available in unbalanced or balanced configuration.
More details and reviews on the Discovery phono cable at: Discovery Cable™


The Talea™ is entirely assembled by hand in the USA; in fact it's all made in the Seattle region...


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