photo Steve Korn, 2015

!! The Telos receives the 2012 Positive Feedback Circuitus Maximus Award !!

By far the most fun and joy listening in analytical mode. When I shift to listening for immersion the experience becomes sublime. (David S., customer)
A truly monumental achievement… The Telos is as good as my master tape.....which is what I use for a reference. (Mike L., customer)
Again, the music travels through this arm with great emotion, dynamics, and a sense of ease that I have not ever experienced before. (Gary R., customer)
I am at a loss to how any uni-pivot can accomplish bass like this, bravo! (Chris T.)


“Aristotle’s understanding of happiness can shed light on those activities that truly engage us; maybe it can teach us something about work and leisure as well. His account is grounded in a more comprehensive understanding of creatures: to understand any particular sort of being, the best way to proceed is by looking at it, and taking note of its characteristic activity. That activity represents the “end” of the creature, its purpose. In Greek, its telos.” (Matthew Crawford, Shop Class as Soulcraft. Penguin Books, New York, 2009. P.192)

The Telos is our top-of-the-line model. It is the result of intensive interdisciplinary research, from shape optimization, stress analysis to materials science, guided by observation and informed by theory. The development of the project started with a thorough re-examination of the fundamentals of tonearm design, an approach that progressively led us to the most minimalist design that was possible, given the functions that were deemed essential to a tonearm operation. Each element is an essential part of the functional whole, and nothing is superfluous. The experience acquired in the long period that led to the Talea™ proved invaluable when developing this new tonearm. In some ways, it is a radical extension of the earlier project, and in other ways, it treads new ground by bringing new types of possible adjustments.


The design
Finite Element Analysis and computer stress simulations were systematically complemented with numerous audition tests, in order to determine which factors were the most relevant to playback performance. The research examined in great detail the questions of vibrations, stress and damping, and how their interactions apply to the system as a whole. Extreme attention was given to the many aspects of relations between the components that are involved in the structure of the tonearm, and the optimization of their shape. A vast number of materials, from common to very exotic (and terribly expensive...) were evaluated for each part: from the smallest screws to each major part of the assembly, nothing was left to chance.
One of the leading principles during the development was to simplify all the basic elements of the construction in order to obtain the purest design and the best mechanical integrity possible, while maintaining all functionality needed in a modern tonearm. As a result, the Telos is very easy to use and offers all the adjustments one could ever need--plus a few unusual ones designed to achieve extremely fine tuning of the sound result.
The Telos is now available with wooden or composite armwand.

photo Carl Zapp ©2012

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