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June 2013

We were at T.H.E. Show in Newport Beach, May 31-June 2, 2013, in the Lotus Group room (Atrium, room 323) and in the Red Dragon Audio rooms (Atrium, rooms 330-331).

We received an Oasis! Award from Positive Feedback Online for our sound in the Lotus Group room at T.H.E. Show Newport Beach 2013! Here is a photo of the Telos and the Record Weight, on the Hanss T-60 turntable, with the Ortofon MC Anna cartridge, in that room (photo courtesy of David Robinson, PFO). Thanks, David!!

See the report here.

The Absolute Sound also noticed the great sound of the Lotus Group room:

"Another tip of the hat to TheLotus Group and their stunning performance from a system which included the always impressive G2 open baffle, DSP cross-over speakers, an SMc VRE-1C preamplifier, PranaWire Cables, Hanss T-60 Turntable, with Durand Telos 12" tonearm/Ortofon MC Anna cartridge. dSC Scarlatti stack and the musica pristina music server and Esoteric A3 Stereo power. As I was seated they were playing the Eagles’ “Hotel California” from the band’s Live LP. It features Don “Fingers” Felder with an acoustic 12 string that sounded so riveting, colorful and lively with micro dynamic energy that in spite of my weariness of this track I didn’t move a muscle."

(Neil Gador The Absolute Sound)


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