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Durand Tonearms Tosca 5.jpg

The Tosca

"Frankly, I don't think that I've ever heard better LP playback than the DS Audio DS Master 1 hosted by the NVS and the Durand Tosca."


(David W. Robinson, Positive Feedback, Issue 107, January 2020)

Durand Tonearms Kairos 4.jpg

The Kairos

“It never gets stressed or confused even on the most complex and dynamic material. A great strength is the ease with which you can listen into the recording and hear subtle elements..."

(Simon, Customer)


The Telos (no longer in production)

“A truly monumental achievement… The Telos is as good as my master tape.....which is what I use for a reference.”

(Mike L., customer)


The Talea (no longer in production)

“The Durand Talea is one of the most satisfying analog experiences I’ve ever had.”

(Jeff Dorgay, TONEaudio Magazine)

Other Equipment

Other Equipment

The Weight

Based on the same philosophy of natural musical rendition that characterizes our tonearms, the Record Weight is unlike any other record weight on the market


Galibier Design Turntable

We are an authorized dealer for the Galibier Design turntables. If you live in the Washington State area, please contact us.

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