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The Weight

“The Durand Record Weight adds focus, energy and naturalness. I love the textural detail, the added snap and leading edge definition, while adding naturalness and never sounding brighter or edgy. It adds body and harmonic richness to all the tiny details, fleshing them out.” (Mike L., customer)


Based on the same philosophy of natural musical rendition that characterizes our tonearms, the Record Weight is unlike any other record weight on the market: it was designed first and foremost to add or subtract nothing to the information on the record, to guarantee that the record is in the best contact with the platter (most especially with warped or bowed LPs of course, but not only), and eliminate the mechanical resonances transmitted by the various mechanical components, should that prove necessary. Extensive research led us to devise a five-level barrier of different materials to act as a filter for undesirable vibrations. The combination of hardwood, exotic metal and Teflon for the main assembly, and sapphire for the feet guarantees a drastic reduction of the macro- and micro-vibrations that damage the original signal contained in the grooves.
The Record Weight is the ideal companion for our tonearms, but will also offer significant improvements with any other tonearm and turntable. It is a true high-end product.

The diameter of the Record Weight is smaller than a record label, ensuring that the Weight will clear most cartridges on the market when the stylus reaches the end of the record.


To make sure that the Record Weight is well mated with the variety of spindle sizes found on turntables, it is shipped with three spindle inserts of different sizes, that can be easily installed. No need to dis-assemble the unit: an Allen key is simply inserted in the side of the Weight, and turning it frees the spindle insert out of the bottom. You then simply replace it with the spindle insert that is closest to the diameter of your turntable’s spindle.

Largest diameter: ca.76 mm (3”)

Weight: 550 g (1.22 lbs)
The Record Weight is available through our
dealer network

MSRP: $3,500


The Record Weight was first introduced at the 2013 CES (photo courtesy of



Like all Durand Tonearms products, the Weight is entirely made and assembled by hand in the USA.






Please note that our invoice will state full price paid, regardless of where it is sent. Durand Tonearms will not misrepresent your tonearm’s value for customs purposes. Please do not ask us to do so.

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